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.: Domain Name Expiry & Deletion :.

Is Your Domain Name About To Expire?
Renew It Promptly

Domain Name Expiry and Deletion Cycle
The typical expiry and deletion cycle for .com, .net, .org, and .info only
There are exceptions not covered by this diagram

Registrant receives renewal notice as expiration date approaches.

No response from registrant. registrar may send delete command to registry at its discretion
Domain name is held by the registry in a 30 day Redemption Grace Period (RGP)

5 day registry hold

The domain name becomes available for re-registration


How do I find out when my domain name expires?

Simply go to the Who-is database and type the domain name you are looking for. You will see the expiration date of your domain in the “Expiration Date” field.

What happens when my domain name expires?

When your domain expires, the registrars or the registry have the right to DELETE your domain name at any time. To minimize the inconvenience, associated with a loss of domain name, SITA provides registrars with an extended period of time, to resolve any outstanding cases. When a domain name expires, your registrar has 45 days, in which he must delete all those names he does not wish to renew. Your registrar will most likely require that you settle any payment for renewals, well before this extended period.

How do I renew my domain name?

Contact your registrar directly and request renewal of your domain name. If you cannot remember who is the registrar of your domain name, simply go to the Who-is database and type the domain name you are looking for. Then click on the link in the “Sponsoring Registrar” field.

My domain name registration is not yet expired. If I wish to renew it now, will my remaining registration term be lost?

No, you can renew your domain name at any time and no registration years are lost with this process. Any additional registration years are added to the existing registration for up to 10 years.

I have requested my registrar to renew my domain name. How can I confirm this request was completed?

When registry accepts the request from the registrar, the expiration date is updated in the Who-is database. Simply go to Who-is database and type the domain name you are looking for. Once your registrar has completed the request, you will see the new expiration date in the “Expiration Date” field.

Once an expired domain name has been renewed, how long does it take for the domain to function again?

If your domain name was active, then there is no change. If your domain name was on hold because of non-payment, then the domain will begin working within 48 hours of its renewal. This assumes, of course, that the domain's DNS and hosts are still in place.

What is the cost for a domain renewal?

Byron Bay Online Design can register and maintain your name for you for AUD$58 per year (let us do all the work) so it wont expire.

What happens if I did not take any renewal action during the 45 days grace period?

Your registrar may delete the domain name registration to avoid renewal charges from the registry. If your domain name is deleted, you will cease to be the owner of the domain name license.

What is the Redemption Grace Period (RGP)?

The registry operator for .com and .net (including Internationalised Domain Names) has implemented a 30 day Redemption Period. The Redemption Period is applicable for domain names that have expired and is in addition to the grace period that follows the expiry of a .com or .net registration. Domains names that are not renewed within 40 days of their expiry date can now be restored during the Redemption Period that starts 45 days following the expiry date and ends 75 days following the expiry date.

The Redemption Period differs from the Grace Period in several important aspects.

Domain names must be 'redeemed' before they are renewed. The redemption process established by the registry is a separate, manual procedure that must be completed before the redeemed domain can be renewed.

The Registry charges a substantial Redemption Fee to redeem a domain name. The redemption fee can be $200 upwards and is in addition to the standard renewal fee.

During the Redemption Period the Verisign Global Registry WHOIS will show the domain status as "REDEMPTIONPERIOD".

The Redemption Period provides a final opportunity for you to Renew a domain that you did not intend to let expire. However, the process is costly, both in fees and in effort. We discourage you from using the Redemption Period and to renew your domains before expiry or during the grace period when a renewal can be conducted with the registry in real time and for no additional cost.

Click Here for more RGP information

What are the consequences when a domain name is deleted and re-registered?

Once deleted, the domain name becomes available to all eligible registrants, as specified by the current Domain Management Policy. If a domain is deleted and re-registered by a third party, the original registrant's web, e-mail and other Internet services will, in the best circumstances, simply stop working.

What are the minimum and maximum renewal periods?

Renewals can be made for one-year periods up to ten years in advance.

Will I receive a reminder when my domain is about to expire?

Renewal is your responsibility, but the registrar makes the best effort to contact you. You should always keep your contact information up to date.

My domain stopped working, what should I do?

Assuming your DNS and hosts are configured correctly, check the status of your domain name in the Who-is:

If your domain name is there, but is put on hold, this means that your registrar is awaiting a payment from you and you need to contact the registrar.

If it is not there, it means it was deleted. If you still want to have this domain name, you will need to process it as a new registration.

Bottom Line:
To save money and stress, renew your domain names before they expire.

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