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Domain Name Registration

Your domain name is your unique Internet address. This address signifies your website's location on the Internet, just like your postal address signifies your office's or home's location in your town. It is the primary step in building your own unique online identity on the Internet or World Wide Web (WWW).

For example, if your organisation's name is "Sunrise Computers", you could register a domain name like www.sunrisecomputers.com, so long as it is not been taken by someone else, and your e-mail address could be shop@sunrisecomputers.com, or andrew@sunrisecomputers.com, or similar.

Registering your domain name is the first and foremost step to setting up your online identity.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is responsible for controlling IP (Internet Protocol) addresses and their associated domain names. It also maintains a comprehensive list of domain name registrars. Domains are allotted on a first come first serve basis. Once a domain name has been registered, it can not registered by anyone else until it expires automatically on its expiration date if not renewed or freed up by ICANN.

A Few tips for selecting your domain name

• It is always best if you have a domain name the same as your organisation's name.
• Don't register a long domain name, make it short, so that it is easier to remember and faster to type.
• Try to make sure your domain tells what your business or interest is about.
• Avoid using special characters, like dashes(-), in your domain names if possible as they are rather difficult to remember. (there are exceptions to this rule)

Some rules for registering your domain name

• Only use letters, numbers, or dashes
• Don't begin or end your domain name with a dash (-)
• Only use up to 67 characters total (try to use many less than 67)

Domain Name Search and Registration

You Can Check The Availability Of Your Preferred 'Top Level Domain' Name
By Entering It Below (without the www, .com, or .net, etc) And Clicking "GO"

You Can Check The Availability Of Your Preferred "AU Domain" Name
Just enter the name that you would like (without the "www" or the ".com.au") and click 'GO'

What Happens When My Domain Name Expires?

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