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.: Your Online Resume and How To Write It :.


Why 'online'?

There are a number of ways that you can 'deliver' your resume to a prospective employer. The first is by post. It will get there. There is a small cost involved. And it could take up to a week for it to get to its destination. The job that you are applying for could be taken by then.

Then there is fax. I've tried this one. Never again. It took me three tries to get it to send all of the pages in one transmission. The darn fax machine tried to eat my resume. The phone calls were 'long distance' and rather expensive. The resume got there....I think. I didn't get the job. It could have been the pile of wasted paper at the receiving end of the fax.

You could send it by Courier. Its rather expensive. Its fairly fast, but could take overnight or longer to get there. This is usually the 'emergence method' when you need to get it there quickly.

And finally, there is 'Online'. Its just too easy. No posting, no faxing, no calling couriers, no stress. Its just there, available to potential employers 24 hours a day. You can let people know how to access it, in person, over the phone, in a letter or application, by e-mail, on your business card. They can view your resume online. They can download it to view it offline later. They can print it out. 'You' don't have to keep printing it out. It saves you ink, paper, time, and hassles.

Writing A Resume
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The standard resume style that worked so well in the paper and pen world just isn't good enough for today's web-based job market. You have to think of new ways to write and present your resume.

Employers seeking applicants are relying more on computers to sort, categorize, and narrow their search. In order to capitalize on these changes, rework and write your old resume to reflect the expectations of this technology.

First, let's consider just how an employer will find you among the field of qualified applicants.


If an employer is searching a database, they'll most likely use keywords to narrow down the field. Keywords are primarily nouns, not verbs. Computers that scan resumes into a database use these keywords for sorting and categorizing.

For instance, let's say that one of your accomplishments is "implemented inventory tracking and improved loss control procedures." By thinking in terms of keywords, nouns and noun phrases can extend your resume's life in a database and bring more hits from a search. Examples of keywords might be Inventory Management, Systems Analyst, or Total Quality Management.


Your online resume should have the following characteristics:

1. Use standard fonts such as Helvetica, Times, or Courier. Keep font size between 10 to 14 point (avoid 10 point times). Keep 1/4" between lines and do not condense letter spacing.

2. Do not use underlines, italics, colors, or other text enhancing styles (exception is bolding/capitalization as noted in #3).

3. Bold or capitalize section headings.

3. Use a single column format. Do not use borders, lines, indents, or centering.

4. Place your name at the top of the page on its own line.

5. Place your address below your name in standard 3 line format. List phone numbers individually on their own lines.

6. Save and Submit your online resume using ASCII text.


Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Address Line 3
Phone #
Fax #

Text here.

Most recent employment here.

Next line here.

Text here.

Keywords here.


There is nothing I hate more than wading through a resume searching for a person's familiarity with specific programs or applications.

If I can't get through to the meat of the resume in under 10 seconds, my eyes glaze over and I automatically go on to the next resume. So make it easy for an employer to see that you've got experience with Excel, LAN, C++, or whatever your skills may be.

An innovative way to do this is by placing your keywords in a SKILLS or AREAS OF EXPERTISE section at the top of the page. Who says your resume has follow the same cloned format everyone else uses? Why not? It's a new era!

Make it as accessable as you want

Your resume can be 'downloadable' and any pages of your online resume can be 'password protected'. If you wish, only the people that you have given the password can access and download your resume.

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I Need More Info On Writing A Resume

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