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.: Our Website Design Philosophy :.
Keep it simple: It's not that easy shaving away excess matter to create a simple design, but it's worth the effort. Ultimately a simple, effective visual design with good use of hypertext is more likely to ensure that users can find, use and enjoy the content you've got.

Elements like spinning logos, scrolling tickers and banner ads can make it difficult to achieve your objective. That's why we prefer to keep it as simple as possible.

Keep It Appropriate
: The appropriate use of all elements in a website is very important and the site as a whole has to be appropriate to the needs of its owner. A small retailer wanting some level of ecommerce will most likely want a different site to a professional, a small cultural institution or a non-profit body.

That's why Byron Bay Online Design delivers solutions that are appropriate to the needs and resources of its clients.

Make It fast: Despite what some people in Government and inner city areas would have us believe, high bandwidth nirvana isn't here yet. And for most of us, it won't be for some time. If you live in a regional area, the situation is even worse.

When alternative sources of information or competitors are a click away you don't want visitors to your site waiting for pages to download, 'cause most of the time, they won't. It gets back to that simplicity thing again: fewer and smaller graphics, simple layouts, focus on content.

Make It Usable: Net research consistently shows that poor navigation and slow download times are the major headaches for internet users. Usability is critical to the success of a website.

Many sites are difficult to navigate. Content may be there but if people can't find it easily...click...   No blind alleys or confusing twists and turns. Byron Bay Online Design makes sure the sites it builds are easy to navigate.

And Finally, Make It Maintainable: Up to date information and fresh content are essential. Establishing and building user and consumer trust is critical: a poorly maintained site lacks credibility.

Constant maintenance and the development of content costs money. Doing it yourself takes time and a steep learning curve may be involved. These issues are important and require careful consideration. Byron Bay Online Design takes the worry out of it by being flexible and developing solutions that will meet your needs.

Should I Use 'FRAMES' in my website?

A very good question that deserves a good answer. CLICK HERE to find that answer

Here are some things you can do to prepare for you meeting with Byron Bay Online Design

1) Define the purpose of the your web site: marketing, selling, education or some combination thereof.

2) Define your audience - this influences the design and layout.

3) Draw a rough layout of your web site using a box diagram in order to identify the main sections e.g. welcome, about us, links, contact us.

4) Look at some web sites and identify ones that you like - record the URL's of these sites and bring them with you.

5) Gather together text, pictures, logos and materials you would like to include on your web site.

6) If you have a logo and color scheme in mind - bring it with you.

7) You will need to register a domain name for your web site and so your site can be seen live on the World Wide Web you will need to have it hosted. We can do all of this for you at a very competative price.

8) If you are considering selling your products on-line there are many ways to do this, some are economical others can be quite expensive. The development time for real time shopping carts is going to be several weeks at the minimum because it involves setting up merchant accounts (2 weeks to process) and the development and testing phases are more critical.

.: Byron Bay Online Design :.

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